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In 2013, the Foundation’s first priority was to establish a permanent endowment fund which will benefit the greater Nicollet area into perpetuity.   The General Endowment Fund is that fund.   During the first 3 years, the Foundation’s fundraising focused on building that fund.   With the help of our generous founders, we were able to meet our initial goal of $250,000!

The Founders Club was established as a one-time opportunity for all potential donors to help get the Foundation off to a strong start in its initial fundraising campaign.  Individuals, families, businesses, clubs and organizations gave to the Foundation.  Multiple year pledges were welcomed with a minimum cash contribution of $1,000 in 2014.  Donors gave outright gifts of cash by sending in a check or by credit card.  Others donated on this website via PayPal.  A PayPal account was not necessary to do so.

A plaque commemorating the Founders was unveiled at the Nicollet Public School 100th year celebration.  It is permanently located outside the Nicollet Public School theater.

Thank you to our Founders!
Your generosity is truly appreciated.

General Endowment Donations Received
Founders Club Members


Diamond Founder
($25,000 – $49,999)

Crystal Valley Coop
Davis Family
J.A. Wedum Foundation
ProGrowth Bank

Platinum Founder
($10,000 – $24,999)

Reuben & Judy Bode
Nicollet Conservation Club
Chuck & Jo Ann Peters
Bruce & Betty Schmidt
Gary & Geri Schmidt
Ryan & Lynnita Schmidt
Memorial for Eddie & Juanita Starke – From Frank & Lou Starke

Gold Founder
($5,000 – $9,999)

Alliance Pipeline
Jeff & Chandra Grommersch
Larry & Linda Hewitt
Mike & Janet Mans
New Sweden Mutual Insurance Co.
Gene & Elaine Selby
Dennis & Ruth Wills
Paul & Donna Zins

Silver Founder
($1,000 – $4,999)

Ag Star Financial Services
Alliance Bank
Brad & Kim Bakker
Bryan & Christy Bode
Bolten & Menk
Community Insurance Agency of Nicollet, Inc.
Compart’s Boar Store
Dean & Kaye Compart
Richard & Bonnie Compart
Wayne & Kathy Cornish
Eide Bailly
Enter’s Liquid Fertilizer Inc.
Fred & Dianne Froehlich
Terry & Sandy Gappa
George’s City Meats
Grommersch Seeds, Inc.
Judd & Julie Hendrycks
John’s Body Shop
Phil & Sue Keithahn
Aaron & Jen Lambrecht
LJP Waste & Recycle
Dwayne Magers Memorial
Bob & Carol Martens
Richard & Bev Mayer
Rick & Barb Meurer
Minnesota Valley Funeral Home
Wayne & Dawn Molitor

Silver Founder – Continued
($1,000 – $4,999)

Nicollet American Legion Family
Nicollet Chamber of Commerce
Nicollet County Board of Commissioners
Nicollet Education Association
Nicollet Lions Club
Nicollet Veterinary Clinic
Duane & Gloria Otto
Travis & Sarah Otto
Jerry & Shirley Payne
Jerome & Marlys Peters
Nick & Emily Peters
Herb & Louise Poncin
Dana & Cathy Potter
Rapid Rick’s Bar & Grill
Randy & Jan Renne
John & Lorie Renneke
Tom & Judy Rieke
Terry & Vicki Rudenick
Dan & Sylvia Scheurer
Swenson’s Dairy Farm
Del & Pam Vulcan
Dean & Kathy Wels
Dale & JoAnne Wills
Xcel Energy
Dr. Paul & Lori Yeske
Honorarium for Hubert J. &
Rose Marie Zins – From Martha Lee Zins

Patrick Zins