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The Greater Nicollet Area Community Foundation provides an opportunity for individuals and organizations to cultivate a spirit of philanthropy through contributions, which builds a perpetual fund committed to enhancing and sustaining the quality of life in our community.

Whether you were born here, returned home or have adopted the Nicollet area as your own, you care about its people, the community and its future. We, who know and love this town, know the importance of the small town quality of life of which we are proud. To assist those who have a passion for Nicollet and want to see it flourish in the future, we have created the Greater Nicollet Area Community Foundation.

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For over 150 years, people in the Nicollet area have taken action to build close families, strong farms, healthy businesses, and vital community organizations. We have built a culture of working together, focusing on the future, and giving generously to our friends and neighbors.
The Greater Nicollet Area Community Foundation was formed in 2013 to continue this tradition of excellence. Our goal is to provide a central resource for future generations to use for the continued improvement of the Nicollet area.
This foundation is intended to become a permanent, trusted organization with a local Board  of Directors.
Whether it is an annual gift, a one-time gift, or a request from an estate, the foundation enables generous donors to provide a lasting legacy for the people in the Nicollet area.
Giving money today to help future generations is the ultimate expression of thanks for the success we have realized.


We will award foundation grants in these areas.

By investing together, working together, and giving together, we can build a growing source of funds that will make a positive impact for the next 150 years.

Get in touch today and start making the difference.