In 2016, the Greater Nicollet Area Community Foundation, in observance and celebration of a century of successful operation of the Nicollet Public School (Consolidated School District #507) sponsored the formation of the Nicollet Public School Education Endowment Fund.

The annual proceeds from the Nicollet Public School Endowment Fund are to be granted to the Nicollet Public School in the areas of curriculum development, program improvement, facility and equipment improvement or other special projects to generally improve or sustain K-12 and Early Childhood Programs.  This Education Endowment will run in perpetuity and will be administered and managed by the Greater Nicollet Area Community Foundation, a Minnesota nonprofit corporation registered with the IRS as a 501(c)(3) public charity, making all donations tax deductible.

To successfully meet the challenge of building an Educational Endowment of size that will positively impact and enhance Nicollet’s outstanding Public School, The Century Club was established as a one-time opportunity for all NPS Alumni and Friends of Nicollet to help get the NPS Education Endowment Fund off to a strong start in its initial fundraising campaign.   To become a Century Club Donor, participants were required to invest $100.00 or more.  See the list of Century Club Donors below.

Alumni and Friends of NPS (individuals, families, businesses, clubs and organizations) may choose to contribute to the Foundation.  Multiple year pledges are welcome with a minimum cash contribution of $100.00.

Your tax-deductible gift to the endowment can be in many forms, such as cash or securities, grain donations, real estate donations, wills, estates, trusts and many others.  Memorial or honorarium gifts to memorialize or honor family and friends are also easy and appropriate.

Donations are accepted through check or here via PayPal on our website.  Donations can also be noted for current use and your donation will be given to the school directly for immediate use.

Special recognition will be given to all Century Club donors including recognition on this website and at our future celebration events.

Education Endowment Donations Received
Century Club Members



Jerome & Sharon Anderson
Sharon Berbee
Sharon & James Berbee (Tretter Memorial)
Reuben & Judy Bode
Fran Braunger
Crystal Valley Coop
Terry & Sandy Gappa
George’s City Meats
Jeff & Chandra Grommersch
Julie Harris
David & Patricia Holcomb
Elaine (Karstad) Janssen
Bradley Koenig
Gary Kollmann
Lloyd Mans
Dan Martens
Odie Mielke Family
Kevin & Karen Mielke

LaDonna Nelson
Nicollet Fund Drive
Chuck & Joann Peters
Elizabeth Peters
Bruce Poncin
ProGrowth Bank
Stan & Clarice Rosin
Bruce & Betty Schmidt
Gary & Geri Schmidt
Mark & Jane Schuck
Gene & Elaine Selby
Allen Starke
Frank & Lou Starke
Fay Randen Choban
Delores Syverson
Myron Wentzel
Tom Zins