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All gifts, large or small, are greatly appreciated and enable the Greater Nicollet Area Community Foundation to become a vital part of the community. 

Through the generosity of our donors, we’ve been able to award the following grants.


In 2020, we have awarded $8,000 in grants to date.

  • A grant of $5,000 was awarded to the Nicollet Fire Department to go towards a UTV.
  • To support the need for meals in our community during the COVID-19 pandemic, $3,000 was given to the Food Program.


In 2019, we awarded $17,058 in grants.

  • A grant of $5,000 was awarded to enhance the ice skating rink by installing a drain system and pavement.   Striping and nets will be added for Pickle Ball,  Tennis and Basketball Courts.
  • $4,100 was given to finalize the Welcome to Nicollet sign.
  • Nicollet Public School received a grant for $1,760 for a safety saw stop for the wood shop table saw
  • $1,500 to Junior Achievement  at NPS for hands on training in business and economics
  • $1,000 to support the Nicollet Back Pack Food Program
  • A $1,000 grant will go towards the Nicollet Public School Freshman Class Deep Portage Trip
  • The Nicollet Public School Music Department was awarded $948 for the purchase of two bass drums.
  • $600 to the Nicollet Public School Little Raiders Field Trip
  • $500 to St. Peter Friends of Learning school supplies program
  • $500 to the American Legion Kiddie Tractor Pull
  • $500 to St. Peter Friends of Learning for the School Supplies Program
  • $150 to Nicollet Public School for an American Government Field Trip


In 2018, we awarded over $12,500 in grants.

  • $1,000 to support the Nicollet Back Pack Food Program.
  • $1,447 to the City of Nicollet for a park bench
  • $600 to the Little Raiders Pre-school for busing
  • $2,160 went to the park for new wood chips and sand in the volleyball courts
  • A $3,700 grant will go towards a scoreboard and dugout roofs for the Little League baseball fields
  • Junior Achievement was awarded $1,500 for its program at Nicollet Public School
  • A new kiln was purchased for the school with our $1,300 grant.
  • $250 was awarded to the Nicollet American Legion for a Compeer pass through


In 2017, we awarded $11,460 in grants to the following:

  • The Foundation continued to partner with the Lions Club by matching their donation of $760 for improvements to the infield of the ball field in Green Space Park.
  • $500 was given to the Nicollet Public School music program to fund a performance at the Mall of America.
  • A $1,500 grant was donated to fund a portion of the Junior Achievement program at Nicollet Public School.  Click the link to read the thank you letter from the Junior Achievement.
    Jr. Achievement Thank You_1.30.18
  • $2,000 was awarded to Trinity Lutheran School to fund shelter and playground improvements for their community playground.
  • $600 was awarded to the Nicollet Public School music program to support the popular percussion section with the purchase of a snare drum.
  • $500 for the Nicollet Legion for Pedal Pull and bikes (Friendship Days 2018)
  • $4,500 was given to the Nicollet Fire Department for an inflatable boat.  This boat will be used for rescue of individuals that are in the water or on thin ice.

  • $500 was donated to sponsor the Mini-Rod event at Friendship Days.

  • $600 was awarded to the NPS Little Raiders to help cover the busing costs for field trips.



In 2016, we had the opportunity to award over $13,000 to the community!

  • $10,000 was donated to the City of Nicollet for a “Welcome to Nicollet” sign along the new Highway 14.  Watch for updates in the future.
  • A grant of $250.00 was awarded to the Children’s Museum.
  • $2,000 was donated to the Nicollet Ice Rink, including improvements to the warming house.
  • From the Education Endowment Fund, $250 funded the MSU Theater Group visitation with K-4 students from Nicollet Public School, Trinity and Immanuel.
  • $500 was awarded to the Nicollet Chamber of Commerce for a pass through donation.


In 2015, the GNACF again received a $2,500 cash donation and a matching $2,500 from the J.A. Wedum Foundation.  These contributions, along with an additional $2,500 allowed the  Foundation to continue to give back to the Greater Nicollet Area by awarding grants to the following recipients:

  • $2,500 was awarded to the Nicollet Public School Booster Club to help facilitate the NPS 100th anniversary celebration.
  • Partnering with Hewitt Lifts and Roll-A-Dock, the Foundation donated $1,300 to purchase an all-purpose welder for the ag/industrial arts shop at Nicollet Public High School.
  • The Nicollet Fire Department received $1,500 to purchase Air Pacs, hoses and nozzles.
  • To support the performing arts, $1,340 was donated to Nicollet Public School to purchase a tuba and leather music folders.
  • The Foundation continued to partner with the Nicollet Lions Club and together added wood chips to the Nicollet Green Space Park children’s play area.  The Foundation donated $961.


In 2014, the Foundation named 3 grant recipients as the result of a $2,500 cash donation and a matching amount from the J.A. Wedum Foundation.  The recipients were:

  • $2,000 to the Nicollet Public School (NPS) Agriculture/Industrial Arts Department project dedicated to to upgrading equipment and making it OSHA compliant and to address related program improvements in the agricultural department.
  • $2,000 to the NPS press box project for its sound system
  • $1,000 to the City of Nicollet for the proposed green space park project to improve the volleyball court sand base.

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