The Greater Nicollet Area Community Foundation is a 501(c)(3) non-profit public charity incorporated in the State of Minnesota.  It was created for the purpose of obtaining, investing, and expending proceeds from donated funds to benefit the Greater Nicollet Area Community.  Its first priority was to establish a permanent endowment fund which will benefit the area into perpetuity.  It also has the capacity and flexibility to raise funds for current projects and needs.

At the urging of the J.A. Wedum Foundation, a group of volunteers started this journey in 2012.  The Wedum Foundation gave us direction, guidance and the legal and financial assistance necessary to incorporate and obtain tax exempt status.

In addition, the Wedum Foundation generously provided additional incentive throughout our initial fundraising process:  an initial $10,000 “good faith” grant; the promise of an additional $10,000 grant upon raising $40,000 in donations; the promise of $10,000 (in four $2,500 annual installments) for annual grant giving to the community; and a final grant of $10,000 upon accumulating $100,000 in endowment deposits.

In 2016, the Nicollet Public School Education Endowment Fund was created to support NPS in the areas of curriculum development, program improvement, facility and equipment improvement or other special projects.  Please refer to the Education Endowment tab for more information.

To learn more about the Greater Nicollet Area Community Foundation, please follow this link to information on the What is the Greater Nicollet Area Community Foundation.

To learn more about the importance of Community Foundations, please follow the link to information provided by Dayton E. Soby, Trustee, Wedum Foundation.